Best Investment Strategy 2014

The best investment strategy for 2014 is an investment strategy geared to reducing portfolio risk through better asset allocation and diversification across the asset classes. The year 2014 promises an increase in uncertainty and risk… so here we focus on the average investor’s best investment strategy and best asset allocation for investing money to stay out of financial trouble if things turn ugly.Asset allocation, defined: when investing money, where and in what proportion you invest money across the various asset classes. For example, you might invest 60% in stock funds and 40% in bond funds. This simple asset allocation has worked quite well for over 30 years and many professionals still recommend it as the best investment strategy for the average investor. Losses in stock funds have often been offset by gains in bond funds and vise versa. In 2014 and beyond, this may not be the best way to invest money.We may be entering a new economic environment that few of today’s investors are familiar with, and fewer yet understand. Today’s investors understand that stocks funds can be risky, but many are not aware of the risks involved with investing money in bond funds. Both can be losers if unemployment remains high in a slow-growth economy and interest rates rise significantly. That’s what the USA could be facing in 2014, so here are my suggestions for how to protect yourself and how to invest money with the best investment strategy going forward.We’ll start with your best investment strategy for bond funds. Many investors today, especially older folks, consider their bond funds to be their best investment. After all, bond funds have basically been good solid performers since 1981 (when interest rates peaked at double digits). When our government quits forcing interest rates down toward record lows (using quantitative easing), rates could rise significantly and send bond prices and bond funds DOWN in value. That’s the way the bond market and bond funds work.If your present portfolio asset allocation is allocated 40% or more to bond funds, consider cutting your exposure here to about 30%. Exchange any long-term bond funds (those with average maturities of 10 years or more) you may have for intermediate-term funds with average maturities closer to about 7 years. Investors holding the latter may take losses when interest rates rise significantly – but folks investing money in long-term funds can expect HEAVY losses.Your best investment strategy for diversified U.S. stock funds: an asset allocation of less than 50% of total investment assets. The average stock fund has returned well over 100% in the past 4 or 5 years. If you missed out, investing money here now is probably not the best strategy. I would also favor stock funds that hold high quality, large-cap stocks with a dividend yield of 2% or more. Now is not the time to get aggressive.So, where do you invest the rest of your money? There are two other asset classes to consider: CASH (safe, liquid money), and ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS (like gold, real estate, and natural resources like oil). In times of high uncertainty when both stocks and bonds are pricey, cash is king. Investing some money for safety in short-term CDs, insured savings accounts, T-bills or money market funds makes good sense as a part of your investment strategy. You may also want to invest money in specialty stock funds that invest by specializing in sectors like gold, real estate, or natural resources.In simplest terms, the best investment strategy for 2014 is broad diversification in your asset allocation… with less emphasis on bond funds and diversified stock funds.

Credit Cards – Guidance and Useful Tips

Credit Card companies have introduced a lot of specific cards based up on the customers satisfaction and their current necessities. The severe competition led the worldwide banks and credit card companies to introduce numerous card products and numerous offers been introduced and its still continuing. Lets see some details behind this. Every surfer possibly came across hundreds of affiliate sites and the worldwide banks own websites promoting number of products. But, what’s the catch? and where to find the exact details?. Every one trying to market their products in numerous ways like text ads, RSS feeds, niche websites, pay-per-click and article marketing. But it’s very easy to hide the traps by using some exclusive attractive content.Important and Informative: The FICO score normally known as “Credit Score” is become an unavoidable thing for people in america. This credit score determines the person’s benefits with the banks and other financial institutions. Lower credit score makes the banks to reject one’s application for any financial approach. But a lot of new credit cards have been introduced and named as Bad Credit Credit Cards and Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards helping the people with bad credit. Also “” provides a reliable solution for people with bad credit to obtain loans and recommendable credit cards. It’s always important to read the term and conditions of a credit card, before applying for a credit card. Always try to make the payment in time, or apply for a credit card which provides the option to pay overtime.There are some specific offers available, which allow its card members to pay the amount in overtime. Cards like Platinum Business FreedomPass Credit Card from OPEN(sm) the small business team and Bank of America Rewards(TM) American Express® Card provides the flexibility to its card holders to pay in over time.Total Protection: It’s a more important thing to consider about the security provided for the card holders. Because we cannot see the Total security Protection with every offers, only some specific offers provides this facility to ensure its card members safety. It’s very important to ensure that the card provides 0% fraud liability. There should be absolute fraud protection against unauthorized use, online and offline. Some recommendable offers on these categories are BoatU.S.(TM) Platinum Plus® Visa® Card and Financial Rewards® Visa® Platinum Plus® Card are considerable products, but there are still more products offering this security services available in U.S market.Fee and Interest Rates: This is the most important thing to keep in mind before applying for a credit card. because it has been estimated that more than 100 million americans carrying monthly credit card debt. There are possibilities that even if you make the payment on time, the credit card companies might charge you. So, the card holders must watch out for carrying balances. Also the fixed rates are not constant, the credit card companies may increase the interest rates by informing you, 15 days prior to change. Mostly this communication happen through your monthly credit card statement. So, spend some considerable time and go through your monthly statements. So one should be careful before applying for a credit card. Should read the user agreement thoroughly and also it is must to enquire about the conditions apply section. There are lot of cards have been introduced as low interest credit cards, no annual fee credit cards etc.. some specific offers are Discover® More Clear Card and Chase Freedom Cash are recommendable offers but there are still more offers to go.Reward points: The credit card companies compete against each other with attractive incentives such as cash back, points reward schemes and balance transfer offers at zero percent. There are lot of new offers have been introduced in U.S by worldwide banks. but please think twice because, no one will offer anything in real life just to make others to enjoy benefits. The most gentle offers will carry this exact proportion (profit 50% plus customer satisfaction 50%). The Discover® Motiva Card and Blue from American Express® are good based on its card members opinion.Some Useful Tips: Ask yourself these questions that do you need the card?, can you afford a credit card? and will you be able to pay the monthly balances each month?. Think twice before purchasing anything. Because, chances are there that you won’t be able to pay, when the credit card bill comes in. As a credit card consumer, you can request and obtain a free credit report once in every twelve months. You can obtain your credit report from the three major credit reporting companies 1.Equifax, 2. Experian and 3.TransUnion. Be smart when using your credit card at overseas. Because a lot of complaints filed with credit card companies that the consumers have been charged extra amount. Don’t use your credit cards at less reputable places.Complaints and suggestions: If you would like to file a complaint about any credit card issue, go with the reliable organization. As far as i know the is one of the best at its services and they are well experienced to handle all the issues. The comptroller of currency and the Federal Reserve Board are also best places to go for the solution. Before filing a complaint, please discuss with the same credit card company regarding your issue. Because every organisation have their own concern about their customers.I will also recommend to read a lot of articles about credit cards, because every article has its own opinions and advantages, that’ll let you know the exact details about every new credit card offers. Please use the credit cards based on your convenience and not for luxury. Because having your own money in your wallet will be more comfortable and safe. Even there are a lot of debit cards have the same advantages like credit cards. But as you know, these new debit card offers are based on your own amount and there’s not even a single dime comes as credit.

5 Best Practices For Making Money Online – Do These Properly And You Will See Success

Making money online is not easy, it requires a lot of work and time. In order to make a great income you need patience and more importantly to achieve things properly. Let’s look at some things you can do to make money online successfully.Number 1 – Add ValueMany people online try to make money without providing value. They will quickly realise that their business won’t last long. I always add value first when thinking about creating a website or setting up an advertising campaign. The money is just a bonus, my first important priority is to add value.I am very surprised at how many people online miss this important step. First impressions are everything and you should provide value and a good foundation right from the start.Number 2 – Being UniqueA big part of successful online businesses is their ability to be different and unique. Copying other people isn’t the right thing to do. Creating unique content and campaigns is a must, if you are looking to make money online.It is all too easy to be lazy and copy someone else’s ad campaign or website blog post. Unfortunately, I see this a lot online and then people wander why they don’t make an income.Number 3 – Invest In ToolsA lot of people are scared to invest in business tools to make money online. If your serious about making an income, there will be a time when tools of the trade are needed. You might need to buy a premium WordPress theme to enhance your website or a keyword tool.Sometimes the initial investment can be quite large, but smart marketers and online entrepreneur’s understand the value of their tools and resources.Number 4 – Understanding Customer NeedsPeople online are always searching for products or items, but are they really buying products? Well, they are not buying products, they are buying outcomes. They will still buy the latest diet pill, but they will buy it to lose weight… not just eat a pill.Understanding customer emotions is very important and it’s a big part of making money online.Number 5 – Being ConsistentWith anything in life it is very important to be consistent and the same applies when doing business. One of the most important tips I can give you is to be consistent. You will find it easier to be consistent when you have a plan.For example if you have a blog, then post consistently, build links slowly and you will see results. This is a big thing online, so make sure you do this!